Foundation For The Carolinas offers a cost effective, expertly managed investment platform designed to address the diverse needs and objectives of those we serve. Fund advisors can choose from a number of investment strategies to increase diversification, lower costs and gain access to top-quality managers. Together, we will leverage our expertise and sound financial management to maximize your investment in the community.

Investment Philosophy – FFTC’s primary investment objective is to maintain or increase the general purchasing power of the funds while maintaining sufficient liquidity to meet annual distribution requirements.

Investment Committee – Our offerings are strengthened by the expertise of our Investment Committee, appointed by FFTC’s Board of Directors and comprised of veteran investors and experienced business leaders. The Investment Committee determines asset allocation, selects professional money managers and monitors performance with the goal of achieving a return commensurate with the risk of the particular investment strategy. 

  • FFTC Investment Consultant – FFTC retains an Investment Consultant, currently Fund Evaluation Group, specializing in institutional funds management to help guide the Investment Committee. The Investment Consultant provides quarterly reports on the investment performance of the different strategies and the individual money managers. The consultant also provides support and recommendations concerning capital market conditions, asset allocation and portfolio risk.
  • FFTC Investment Staff – In addition to the Investment Consultant, FFTC’s internal staff includes investment professionals who further assist the committee in monitoring all aspects of FFTC’s investment portfolios.

Investment Performance and Pools

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