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Resources for Professional Advisors

FFTC offers smart, forward-thinking philanthropic solutions to help your clients achieve their unique charitable goals.

Partner with us to take advantage of our decades of experience advising donors on philanthropic planning. We have the flexibility to accept a wide range of assets and can explore tailored strategies to complement your practice and maximize your client's community impact. 

“Foundation For The Carolinas works with the client and the client’s professional advisors as a team member. FFTC is a professional’s best partner and advocates to ensure that clients will achieve their philanthropic goals.”


Giving Today

FFTC offers a range of funds and other philanthropic solutions to help bring your client’s charitable vision to life.

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Planned Giving

Whether the goal is to address evolving community needs, support a favorite nonprofit in perpetuity or engage family in the experience of philanthropy, FFTC makes it easy to create an enduring legacy.

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Giving Business Interests or Real Property

Donating business interests and real property can maximize tax benefits and increase impact in the community.

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Family Office Partners

Our local Family Office Partners team supports family office staff with demonstrated expertise in philanthropy. We offer dedicated relationship management resources, turn-key services/support, and best-in-class tools and vehicles to meet the needs of family offices.

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Investment Alliance Program

This program allows donors who maintain a minimum fund balance of $250,000 to recommend their own investment manager.

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Assets We Accept

We accept a wide array of assets, such as appreciated stock and closely held business interests, to help your clients achieve their charitable goals.

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Advantages of Donor Advised Funds

FFTC Donor Advised Funds are a cost-effective and tax-efficient alternative to private foundations, offering a convenient way to manage charitable giving. 

For clients who already have private foundations, subsidiary foundations or large charitable funds, FFTC Custom Philanthropy Services can support their strategic, grantmaking and governance needs.

FFTC Cabinet of Professional Advisors

Our Trusted Advisors

Professional advisors are invaluable partners for advancing philanthropy. 

Some of our most trusted partners serve as members of our Cabinet of Professional Advisors. Selected annually for rolling three-year terms, our cabinet enjoys the benefit of networking and learning opportunities, while providing insight about the charitable products and services their clients value.

To be considered for membership, advisors generally have referred a client, worked with an FFTC client or otherwise engaged with FFTC. 

Current Cabinet of Professional Advisors

Bobby Anderson, TIAA

Evan Anderson, Wells Fargo Advisors

Andy Barbee, GreerWalker

Jan Beatty-Hendley, Pinnacle Asset Management

Sam Bowles, New Republic

Russ Cearley, Signature FD

Christian Cherry, Crisp Cherry McCraw PLLC

Sabrina Conyers, Nelson Mullins

Kevin Dingle, New York Life Insurance Company

Gray Dyer, Dyer & Co., LLC

Derek Garland, First Citizens Bank

Jessica Hardin, Robinson Bradshaw

Seth Honea, CAVOK Family Office

Caitlin Horne, Moore & Van Allen

Kelly Jesson, Jesson & Rains PLLC

Brian Jones, Providence Capital

Femi Lamikanra, Fifth Third

Kristin Lewis, Colony Family Office

Chris Matthews, EY

Kamila McDonnough, GRID 202 Partners

Jen Muckley, Bragg Financial

Suzy Niemann, Milburn Services, LLC

Holly Norvell, Johnston, Allison & Hord, PA

Christian Perrin, Perrin Legal

Deni Pifer, Pifer Estate Law

John Potter, Potter Law Firm

Christian Robinson, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Rob Snowden, SouthPark Advisors

John Stevenson, Brown Brothers Harriman

Todd Stewart, Stewart Law, PA

David Vines, Offit Kurman

Joe Wall, Elliott Davis

Trenton Whalen, Fifth Third

Kathryn Wysong, Andover Group / UBS

Andy Young, Morgan Stanley

“Foundation For The Carolinas is a great resource and partner. Not only can they make connections for clients with organizations they are passionate about, but their extraordinary staff provides the encouragement and tools needed to make a difference in the community in which we work and live.”