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Foundation For The Carolinas inspires philanthropy and empowers individuals to create a better community. 
We are your community foundation. 


Focus on Storytelling

Visit FOCUS, the Foundation's new storytelling website, where we highlight donors, initiatives and organizations working to improve our region. The new site features inspiring stories alongside tips and insights for how to make an even bigger impact.


Fundraising for Arts and Culture

With local cultural nonprofits devastated by lost revenues due to the effects of the pandemic, FFTC was called to lead a campaign to raise $18 million from the private sector to match $18 million in City of Charlotte funding. Thanks to generous donors, the goal was exceeded, with $23 million raised for local arts and culture groups.


A Place to Be Themselves

For three decades, Time Out Youth has been a safe haven for LGBTQ youth.


Spreading Hope and Good Vibes

“Give hope daily” is both the motto and the goal of the Charlotte-based nonprofit organization, Hope Vibes.



Read more about the actionable next steps we’re taking, organizations you may wish to support, and educational resources for community members.


COVID-19: A Community Responds

When the pandemic arrived in 2020, many of our neighbors and local businesses were severely impacted. Our philanthropic community quickly came together to provide support to those most affected.

Whether to create a stronger community, advance a worthy cause or expand opportunities, learn how we can bring your unique vision to life.

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Meetings, Events and Celebrations

Our headquarters serves as an inspirational convening place for our community.

We offer stunning, art-filled event spaces for celebrations, retreats, fundraisers and receptions, and offer complimentary meeting rooms to our region's nonprofits.

Host your next gathering with us.