Scholarship Selection Committee Volunteer Interest Form

Scholarship Selection Committee Volunteer Responsibilities and Interest Form

Foundation For The Carolinas manages more than 150 scholarship funds that award over $3 million to more than 1,000 students each year. Donors and volunteers are invited to participate as members of selection committees for many of FFTC’s scholarships. Scholarship selection committee members bring to the review and selection process the benefits of their life experiences, their professional expertise, and their connection to the local community and schools.

Selection committees are generally composed of five or more members all of whom are appointed by FFTC. Selection committees may meet to review and discuss student applications as a group or members may independently review and score student applications. Selection committee members objectively review qualified applications, select scholarship recipients in a fair and nondiscriminatory manner, and recommend scholarship award amounts. All selection committee members must adhere to FFTC’s policies and guidelines and notify FFTC about potential conflicts of interest. Final approval of scholarship recipients and award amounts rests in the sole discretion of FFTC.

The responsibilities of selection committee members include:

  • Review scholarship guidelines for selection of students and award amounts.
    • Focusing on specific selection criteria, such as financial need, GPA, field of study, or other attributes in determining the award winners.
  • Review applications of students to determine eligibility.
    • Individual review and evaluation of scholarship applications based on student materials that will be supplied to you via FFTC’s online scholarship platform.
    • Ability to work with other volunteer reviewers in a team environment.
  • Identify finalists based on selection criteria in the guidelines.
    • Availability for one meeting annually (typically 3 hours) during the day, typically occurring between the months of March and May.
    • Conduct student interviews coordinated by FFTC, if applicable.
  • Sign and submit Affidavit of Compliance and Recommendation of Grants Form.
    • Following the scholarship guidelines, make recommendations to FFTC for award recipients and amounts for each assigned scholarship.
  • Review and acknowledge FFTC policies, including conflict of interest and confidentiality.
    • Confidential disclosure of potential conflicts of interest with scholarship applicants, donors, or their families.
    • Understanding the requirements of objectivity and nondiscrimination in the scholarship selection process.

    Interested in volunteering as a selection committee member? Please complete and submit the interest form below.

Scholarship Selection Committee Volunteer Interest Form