Center for Corporate Philanthropy

The Center for Corporate Philanthropy offers efficient, turn-key solutions to help philanthropy make great business sense. FFTC charitable funds, philanthropic expertise and grantmaking support work together to help businesses manage charitable giving, engage employees and stay focused on business priorities.

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Cost-effective solutions for charitable giving
The Center for Corporate Philanthropy works in partnership with businesses of all sizes and in communities across the nation to develop philanthropic strategies and manage funds that address broad financial and charitable goals. Whether your company’s goal is to support employees in times of hardship or to help your local community, we offer a wide range of turn-key solutions designed to help you manage charitable giving and maximize its impact. Our smart, forward-thinking philanthropic tools help businesses realize their charitable objectives.

Resources to help you focus on business priorities
From small, private businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, our philanthropic expertise helps companies create charitable programs that have the greatest possible impact in the community. The Center for Corporate Philanthropy helps advance your organization’s unique philanthropic mission with expert counsel and grantmaking services, as well as comprehensive support that includes grant reporting, evaluation and fund management. We make corporate giving easy and effective, and create capacity that maximizes your resources and frees you to focus on achieving your business goals.

Consultation to support giving strategies
For larger funds and corporate foundations, we offer consultative services designed to improve philanthropic presence, strategy and efficiency. Our custom service platform can help your organization fully experience the power of charitable giving, and offers additional support in the areas of strategic giving assessments and implementation, employee engagement, corporate grant program facilitation and board or committee management.

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Innovative local and national charitable programs
Offered through our subsidiary, E4E Relief, Employee Disaster & Hardship Relief Funds are an innovative way for companies to support employees experiencing financial hardship from unexpected life events. The E4E Relief team works with companies to provide emergency financial assistance to thousands of employees across the nation, designing and administering programs, providing expertise in IRS regulations, and working directly with employees seeking aid to fully manage the application process.

For more information, contact:

Mary Gallivan
Director, Centers for Giving