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Turner Family Foundation

2008 Total Grants   $310,723

Established to carry out the broad charitable purposes of the Turner family,
which focus on the environment, animal welfare and building an awareness of Lewy Body disease.

The Carolina Thread Trail is a planned
500-mile network of greenways connecting 15 counties and 2.3 million people. In 2008, the Turner Family Foundation awarded a $76,923 grant to the effort.

$12,500 to Animal Adoption League for the spay/neuter and rabies programs.

$76,923 to Carolina Thread Trail (Catawba Lands Conservancy) to strengthen the region and promote economic development, education, better health and land preservation by connecting people, businesses and communities of diverse backgrounds and interests.

$2,500 to Culture & Heritage Commission of York County to offset the cost of veterinary services.

$5,000 to The Horse Protection Society of North Carolina, Inc. for the Equine and Member Training Program.

$10,000 to Humane Society of York County to offset the cost of the spay/neuter program.

$28,800 to Lewy Body Dementia Association for the Neurologist Outreach and Education Initiative Project (Phase I).

$10,000 to Operation CARE to offset the cost of the CARE spay/neuter voucher program.

$60,000 to Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s Associations to support the Lewy Body Disease Project, which provides direct support to each organization for 2009 salary and symposium expenses, printing materials to circulate the Lewy Body Disease brochure created through the 2007 grant, and funds for four grant rounds, two family workshops, and three medical workshops all focused on education about Lewy body dementia.

$10,000 to Recycled Pets to offset the cost of Project Kindness, which will provide spay/neuter and heartworm assistance.

$70,000 to Richardson Animal Rescue to provide general operating support.

$10,000 to SC Awareness & Rescue for Equines (SCARE) for the Save the Horses of York County Program.

$15,000 to The Lynnwood Foundation to support the conservation easement for The Duke Mansion.

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