New Generation of African American Philanthropists



About the Fund
In 2006 the African American Community Foundation (a special program of Foundation For The Carolinas) committed resources for the creation of a collective giving fund as a way to build reciprocal relationships, establish trust and increase investments to enrich the community. The fund was created to fulfill the African American Community Foundation’s mission to serve as a center for African American philanthropic development.

New Generation of African American Philanthropists envisions a healthy, safe and prosperous community for African American families to live work and flourish. The group raises awareness of philanthropy and leverages its collective capital to foster change, transformation and development in the community.

Members of New Generation of African American Philanthropists are committed to maximizing African American leadership in philanthropy and give their time, talent and treasure. The group has created deliberative processes centered on learning, knowledge, collaboration and consensus in an effort to develop a strong and sustainable collective giving fund. New Generation of African American Philanthropists is a member of the Community Investment Network.  

To promote philanthropy—the giving of time, talent and resources—among African Americans in the Charlotte region, with the goal of enhancing the quality of life within our communities.

How it Works
Members pledge $1 per day for three years for a total commitment of $1,095. Member donations will be pooled and used to award grants to nonprofit organizations that meet the grantmaking criteria of New Generation of African American Philanthropists.

Primary goals of the fund are to increase public awareness about African American philanthropy, to invest resources directly into nonprofit groups and causes addressing issues that adversely affect a disproportionate number of African Americans, and to close gaps by focusing on substantiated needs in the African American community.

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2016 Grant Cycle

The 2016 New Generation of African American Philanthropists (NGAAP) grant cycle is closed. Thank you to the NGAAP members who made this funding possible with their generous gifts and thank you to the organizations that applied for funding. Please continue to check here for details about the 2017 grant cycle. 

For More Information:

Contact David Snider, Vice President & Program Officer, Foundation For The Carolinas, at or 704.973.4528.

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New Generation of African American Philanthropists

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Members of New Generation of African American Philanthropists

Emma Allen
Qiana Austin
Renee Bradford
Albert Carter
Rashad Davis
Michael DeVaul
Dawn Fisher
Ed Franklin
Shawna Freeman
Diatra Fullwood
Valaida Fullwood
Josette Glover
Tiffany Graham
Jerel Harvey
David Howard
Bernadette Johnson
Melandee Jones
Eric Law
Clarence Lyons
Kia Lyons
Robyn Massey
Patricia Martelly
Lisa Moore
Donna Murray
Steven Pearson
Gwendolyn Boyd Peart
Cathy Peterson
Todd Pipkin
Meka Sales
Jehan Shamsid-Deen
Edward L. Smith
Tiffani Teachey
Charles Thomas
Keysha Walker
Reginald White
Victoria White

For more information contact:

David Snider
Vice President
Community Programs & Civic Leadership