Why a Community Foundation?

We are a nonprofit organization that:

  • Assists individuals, businesses and nonprofits in achieving charitable dreams carried out in perpetuity.
  • Manages over 1,700 funds, from appreciated securities to real estate, to benefit both specific and broad charitable purposes.
  • Allows you to make a gift to the Foundation and recommend gifts to charities at any time, now or in the future.

We work to improve our community by:

  • Awarding grants from unrestricted funds for key community needs.
  • Partnering with other community groups to identify and improve critical problems.
  • Building permanent endowments that will benefit charitable organizations year after year.

What are your dreams?

  • To create a scholarship in honor of a loved one?
  • To ensure cleaner water and air for your grandchildren, and for their grandchildren?
  • To continue your faith community's work when you can no longer contribute your own efforts?

Through these distinct features, your community foundation makes those dreams happen:

  • Local Organization
  • Knowledge of Your Community
  • Leaders in Philanthropy
  • Ability to Support Local and National Charities
  • Personal Legacy of Giving
  • Permanence
  • Family Involvement
  • Tax Benefits - Immediat and Maximum
  • Save Twice By Gifting Appreciated Assets

Since 1958, Foundation For The Carolinas has turned charitable dreams into realities for thousands of people across the central Piedmont area of North and South Carolina.

While the tax and estate planning advantages are significant, our experience tells us that the satisfaction of being able to give back or "connect" with your community is the driving force behind philanthropy.

We work with you and your Professional Advisor(s) to tailor a charitable giving program that fits your personal interests and financial situation.

The Foundation's current and long-term philanthropic options include:

Local Organization

Knowledge of Your Community
Working in partnership with concerned citizens, nonprofits and governments throughout the region, the Foundation achieves community goals, finds shared opportunities and maximizes grantmaking effectiveness.

Leaders in Philanthropy
No philanthropic institution knows more about the broad issues and opportunities in your region than the Foundation. Each year, we provide millions of dollars in grants and partner with nonprofits to address our region's most pressing needs.

Ability to Support Local and National Charities
You may recommend grants to 501(c)(3) public charities, both here in the Carolinas or anywhere in the United States. In addition, the Foundation will make distributions to international organizations through qualified, domestic 501(c)(3) affiliates.

Personal Legacy of Giving

If you establish anĀ Endowed Gift Fund or Charitable Trust, you are assured that your charitable objectives will be carried out in perpetuity.

Family Involvement
You may involve your family in your philanthropy by designating them Successor Advisor(s) to your Gift Fund. This offers an opportunity for your children and grandchildren to learn the importance of charitable giving and to perpetuate your legacy of giving.

For more information, contact:

Philanthropic Advancement