Non-Endowed and Quasi-Endowed Gift Funds

Non-endowed gift funds permit grant recommendations that may be paid from both income and principal. Quasi-endowed funds are invested for the long term, although the entire gift fund balance is available for distribution.

Gifts are deductible at the time you make them to the Foundation, and you can make grants at times and in amounts most advantageous to you.

Click the link below to view a listing of non-endowed and quasi-endowed funds managed by Foundation For The Carolinas.

In addition to the funds listed, Foundation For The Carolinas holds funds for many donors who choose not to be published in this report. We gratefully acknowledge their generosity.

2012 Non-Endowed and Quasi-Endowed Gift Funds

Charitable Giving


For more information about establishing a charitable fund at Foundation For The Carolinas, contact our Philanthropic Advancement Team at 704.973.4500 or