We can assist you in establishing funds during your lifetime or through your estate plan to meet your philanthropic interests and match the current and future needs of your favorite charitable organizations. These funds are not intended to replace your annual giving but rather emphasize and further support the programs and organizations that have great meaning to you. It is also a way to establish a legacy by providing a charity with a permanent source of future revenue.

Endowment Funds can be established to honor or memorialize family or friends while at the same time supporting your favorite charities.

Non-Endowed Funds

Non-Endowed gift funds permit grant recommendations that may be paid from both income and principal. If desired, you can distribute your entire gift fund balance. Gifts are deductible at the time you make them to the Foundation, and you can grant at times and in amounts most advantageous to you.

Endowed Gift Funds

Endowed gift funds are structured to allow your gift to grow over time to create permanent charitable resources for your favorite charitable organizations. On an annual basis a spendable income amount is calculated and made available for grant distribution.

Donors can create designated funds that are restricted to specific organizations or work with the Foundation to establish criteria as to what types of organizations or programs should receive support from each fund.

Phil Warshauer
Executive Director

Nancy Kipnis
Assistant Vice President & Coordinator, Create Your Jewish Legacy