Life Insurance and Retirement Plans

It is easy to make a gift of a life insurance policy or a qualified retirement plan to benefit the Jewish community by naming the Foundation for the Charlotte Jewish Community as the beneficiary. This type of gift may include an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or a 401(k) with your employer. These are deferred gifts that are received by the Foundation at your death and can be used to establish an endowment fund to support your favorite organization(s).

Life Insurance
You may use one or more life insurance policies to make a future gift to establish a fund at the Foundation. There are several different ways to utilize life insurance. You can name the Foundation as the beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy, or transfer ownership of a new or existing policy to the Foundation.

A change in the beneficiary designation of an existing policy will allow you to make a charitable gift without any additional cost. A gift of an existing policy could provide the owner with an additional charitable tax deduction.

Retirement Plans
Retirement plan assets may be ideal for use in meeting philanthropic goals because they can be subject to various layers of taxation upon death, including estate and income tax. Making a future gift of retirement plan assets, by naming the Foundation as a beneficiary, may reduce your estate tax liability, while allowing your descendents assets that may receive more favorable tax treatment.

Phil Warshauer
Executive Director

Nancy Kipnis
Assistant Vice President & Coordinator, Create Your Jewish Legacy