Initiative to Give Homeless Families and Veterans a Boost Toward Self-Sufficiency



Through the Social Impact Housing Endowment, homeless families and veterans will have access to rental subsidies for use in existing apartments throughout Mecklenburg County.

The number of homeless families in Mecklenburg County has steadily increased for the past three years. Foreclosures and evictions remain a common reality for low-income residents, for whom there are few affordable housing options.

A new Robinson Center for Civic Leadership effort may soon bring relief. The Social Impact Housing Endowment aims to provide homeless families, including veterans, with a structured program that helps move participants towards self-sufficiency. The program specifically targets those who earn less than 50 percent of Area Median Income, which is $34,200 for a family of four. These families and returning veterans will first be moved out of shelters, hotels and fragile housing, and into stable housing throughout Mecklenburg county. Participants will then receive coordinated services, such as job training, with a goal of self-sufficiency in 24 months or less.

A key component of this public-private partnership will be a $20 million rental subsidy endowment to provide stable housing, jointly funded by the City of Charlotte and private donors including corporations, philanthropists, foundations and the faith community. Foundation For The Carolinas has committed $1 million toward the effort.

Rather than create a new nonprofit entity, the program will utilize existing service providers with a proven track record of success, such Charlotte Family Housing, Urban Ministries and others. Among the program’s innovations will be the creation of a coordinated intake system, a single place where all homeless families and veterans could go to learn which program best suits their needs.

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