Retired General’s Service Honored Through Fund



General William D. Lackey

Foundation For The Carolinas is committed to helping our clients create lasting philanthropic legacies. One such client, Retired Brigadier General William D. Lackey, hopes to sustain the good work of several organizations he values most.

General Lackey was born and raised in Statesville, NC and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After completing the Reserve Officer’s Training Course at Chapel Hill, General Lackey devoted 35 years to serving our country in the Air Force and North Carolina National Guard. After retiring, General Lackey returned to Statesville and continued his commitment to a lifetime of service, including serving on the Board of Trustees for the Iredell County Community Foundation, one of Foundation For The Carolinas’ 13 regional affiliates.

In February 2013, General Lackey was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease. He immediately started working with his local attorney and his advisors at Foundation For The Carolinas to make plans. He opened an FFTC Designated Fund that will receive the majority of his estate and fund grants to four organizations annually.

In honor of his commitment to education and service, the William D. Lackey Charitable Endowment will fund a full four-year football scholarship at Chapel Hill and several scholarships for children of the North Carolina Army and Air National Guard. It will also fund a nursing scholarship at Mitchell Community College, in memory of his mother who was a career nurse. The balance of General Lackey’s fund each year will go to the Iredell County Community Foundation to be used for their annual competitive grant process.

General Lackey remains passionate about giving people opportunities to succeed and believes education is key to fostering growth. “I have received great joy in assisting others who were genuinely trying to better themselves in life,” said General Lackey.

Through the creation of this fund, General Lackey not only hopes to a make a difference in his community for generations to come, but also to inspire others to leave a legacy.

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