Bienstock Family Endowment Promotes Jewish Legacy


Irving and Lillian Bienstock

Irving and Lillian Bienstock are active members and great supporters of the Jewish community in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region. In thinking about the long-term needs of the community and their own role in sustaining the quality of Jewish culture, the Bienstocks turned to Foundation for the Charlotte Jewish Community (FCJC), a subsidiary of Foundation For The Carolinas, to help manage their charitable resources over time.

Working in partnership with their local attorney and our dedicated FCJC advisors, the Bienstocks established a planned legacy gift to be permanently endowed to support two organizations close to their hearts: Temple Israel and Jewish Family Services.

“The decision to create a Jewish legacy was an easy one for Lil and me. We have a lifelong connection to Judaism, synagogue life and the global Jewish community,” said Irving Bienstock. “It is our hope that by creating an endowment to support both Temple Israel and Jewish Family Services, we will continue to support Jews and Judaism in perpetuity.”

As a holocaust survivor, Irving is deeply committed to educating future generations about Jewish heritage to ensure the continuing perseverance of the Jewish community.

“On January 15, 1939, at the age of 12, I fled Germany alone,” recounted Irving. “I was taken in by an orphanage in Amsterdam where there were other Jewish children. It was the Jewish community that took care of me and I have never forgotten that profound spirit of generosity and compassion.”

The Bienstocks moved to Charlotte in 1975 and have spent their lives giving back and helping others in the community. Married for more than 60 years, the Bienstocks felt strongly about securing their legacy for generations to come and looked to FCJC to help accomplish their philanthropic goals. Their legacy gift is part of the “Create Your Jewish Legacy” (CJL) initiative, an FCJC effort to build a strong, vibrant Jewish community.

CJL is a partnership between FCJC and 10 local Jewish community partner organizations promoting the message that all of us, regardless of age, wealth or affiliation have the ability to make a difference in sustaining the future of Charlotte’s Jewish community. Through their legacy efforts, FCJC has documented legacy commitments in excess of $18 million with a pipeline of $5.3 million created over the past year from the CJL initiative. This program continues to grow through generous bequests and endowments from leading community members, such as the Bienstocks, and will serve the Jewish community for generations to come.

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