Steps to Create a Fund

Step 1:
Contact the Foundation to discuss your charitable objectives.


Step 2: With the assistance of the Foundation's staff and/or your Professional Advisor, fill out the Charitable Gift Fund Agreement. You determine the amount and date of your gift, name of your Gift Fund, eligible Advisors and purpose of your Gift Fund.


Certificate of Authority

If you represent a business or nonprofit entity, you are asked to sign a Certificate of Authority and Agreement to Indemnify the Foundation.


This form advises the Foundation about who is authorized to act on your behalf. It also indemnifies the Foundation against inappropriate actions taken or recommendations made by Advisors to your Gift Fund.


Step 3: Make an irrevocable gift of at least $10,000 to the Foundation to create your Gift Fund.


Step 4: An officer of the Foundation will sign the document and return a copy, along with an acknowledgment letter, to you. This letter serves as an official receipt and must be retained for your tax records. (Note: Regardless of the number of distributions from your Gift Fund, you need only this one letter for tax purposes.)


Step 5: The Foundation begins to make your charitable dreams come true.


You can design your own Gift Fund, add to an existing fund or let the Foundation determine where your assets will best fulfill your goals. Gifts are deductible at the time they are made to the Foundation, and you can make grants at times and in amounts most advantageous to you.


For complete policies on creating a Charitable Gift Fund, refer to the Charitable Giving Guide.

Cabinet of Professional Advisors:

Clint Crocker
Barry Evans Josephs & Snipes

Craig DeLucia
Ernst & Young LLP

Jennie Derby
Northwestern Mutual

Leila Evans
Solamere Advisors

Tim Flanagan
HF Financial

Jessica Hardin
Robinson Bradshaw & Hinson, P.A.

James C. Hardin III
James C. Hardin III, PLLC

Carl King
Culp Elliott & Carpenter, P.L.L.C.

Leah Maybry
Elliott Davis

Billy Morton
U.S. Trust-Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Andrew Nesbitt
Nesbitt Law

Robert Norris
Wishart Norris Henninger & Pittman

Karen Owensby
Wealth Management Associates, Inc.

Eric Ridenour
Colony Family Offices

Darrell Shealy
Johnson Allison & Hord

Jason Sykes
SunTrust Bank

Sandi Thorman
GreerWalker, LLP

Brad Van Hoy
Moore & Van Allen

Mitchell Wickman
Merrill Lynch