Center for Nonprofit Sustainability

Value, Select and Comprehensive Service Levels

Center for Nonprofit Sustainability

For a list of nonprofit clients, please contact the Foundation's Philanthropic Advancement Team.

Administrative Fees

 First $1 million
 Next $2 million
 Next $2 million
 Next $5 million
 Over $10 million


Opening minimum: $10,000

No annual fee

Consultation Services
The Foundation’s nonprofit and philanthropic experts are available to consult with your organization.

Consulting fees are determined by the scope of need in the following areas:

  • Finance and investment
  • Fundraising and gift planning
  • Communications
  • Board and volunteer orientation
  • Infrastructure and staffing

The Foundation also offers campaign management services.

We offer several distinct service levels based on average annual gift fund balance. With any Foundation For The Carolinas gift fund, you can:

  • Name your gift fund to distinguish your organization or a key donor
  • Access your gift fund online to check fund balance, make grant
        requests and review critical community needs
  • Receive prompt gift acknowledgement, distribution and expense
  • Obtain spendable income calculation for endowments

    Value Benefits

    Value $10,000+

  • Choose from two investment options (for endowed funds)
  • Receive annual financial statement

    Select Benefits $100,000+

  • Receive personalized service from client services team
  • Choose from expanded investment options
  • Participate in annual Nonprofit Forum to discuss charitable giving
        trends, current community issues or investment opportunities

    Comprehensive Benefits $500,000+

  • Work with dedicated client service representative
  • Choose from a wide array of investment options
  • Receive annual gift planning and/or gift fund management
  • Recommend your financial advisor to invest gift fund
        ($1 million fund minimum)
  • Receive help in identifying funding sources
  • Connect your organization to similar community initiatives
  • Attend valuable events and seminars

    Options for Giving


    Endowed Gift Funds: permanent asset of the Foundation, principal is preserved, invested for long term; 4.5% annual payout


    Quasi-endowed Gift Funds: invested for long term, with entire balance available for distribution; 4.5% annual payout


    Non-endowed Gift Funds: entire balance available for distribution, invested for the short term to provide liquidity

    E Q N Designated Funds – Support the good work of virtually any nonprofit organization.
    E Q N Planned Gifts for Donors - Using anything from a simple bequest to a complex
    trust, your donors can achieve specific objectives, making a significant impact
    on the future through your organization.
    E Q Scholarship Funds – Help your donors invest in your community’s future and show students you care.
      Supporting Foundations – Simplify your work by accessing committee or board
    management, financial and investment support, and help with agency infrastructure.
      Charitable Trusts for Donors – Your donors can distribute income and assets to beneficiaries and your organization.

    Click here to download the Center for Nonprofit Sustainability information sheet for our value, select and comprehensive services