It’s Easy to Make a Grant

How do you make a grant from your Gift Fund? It's easy.


1. You ask.

Simply complete a Distribution Recommendation Form and return it to the Foundation by mail, fax or e-mail. We'll process as many charitable grants as you wish, whenever you wish.


2. We respond.

Checks are mailed to the nonprofit organizations within five working days of receipt of your request (unless research is required).


3. We confirm.

You receive written confirmation of your grants.


Grantmaking Services and Expertise

We are connected to thousands of local charities, so we can help make a difference by linking you to the causes you care about. Areas of giving are limitless and include everything from arts and education to environment and religion. If the charity you want to recommend is not currently on our Approved Organizations List, we will research it for you so that it may be placed on our Approved Organizations List.


Choice of Recognition or Anonymity

Whether you wish to be recognized for your generosity or remain anonymous, the Foundation will honor your request.


Online Access to Your Gift Fund

The Foundation offers a secure online site to those with qualified Gift Funds.


On our site, you can:

  • Check your Gift Fund activity (contributions, investment returns and grant distributions)
  • Make grant recommendations


For more information, contact:


Donor Relations