Professional Advisors

Bernard N. Ackerman, CPA, PA, of Rock Hill has been a valuable Foundation partner for more than 12 years. "As a professional advisor, the Foundation is a great vehicle for me to offer my clients tax-saving techniques that are linked to their charitable giving," he says.

Foundation For The Carolinas is honored to work with professional advisors across the Carolinas, providing expert solutions for clients who want to include charitable giving in their financial and estate planning. Our team of knowledgeable, unbiased experts can help you identify your clients’ motivations, provide exceptional philanthropic resources and ensure that each charitable investment has the greatest possible impact for both your client and their beneficiaries.

As the region’s philanthropic home, FFTC offers a convenient single point of contact for charitable contributions and the flexibility to accept a wide range of assets, including real property, non-voting business interests, qualified retirement plan or IRA assets, life insurance proceeds and trust assets. And because we are a public charity, we can help your clients receive maximum tax benefits for income, gift and estate tax purposes.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your clients to discuss the ways we can help them achieve their goals.

Why a Community Foundation?

Immediate and Maximum
Your client's contributions are tax deductible in the year they are made. Because the Foundation is a public charity, contributions qualify for the maximum deductibility for income, gift and estate tax purposes.

Save Twice by Gifting Appreciated Property
By using appreciated property (e.g. securities or real estate) to make your gifts, your clients avoid capital gains tax and typically qualify for an income tax deduction.

Tax Benefits

Type of Donation: 

Tax Deductibility:


Up to 50% of Adjusted Gross Income

Appreciated Property 

Up to 30% of Adjusted Gross Income

Flexible Gift Acceptance
In addition to cash, these are a few of the possibilities:

  • Appreciated securities
  • Retirement plans
  • Vacation homes
  • Appreciated family business entities such as closely held stock and limited partnership interests

Investment Options to Increase Your Clients' Gift Funds
The Foundation offers a wide range of investment pools and managers for qualified Gift Funds. We work with your client to develop an investment approach that offers the best potential to match the time horizons and cash needs consistent with their objectives.

The Foundation works with an investment consultant to evaluate managers and provide ongoing monitoring to ensure sound financial management.

Customized Philanthropic Counsel
We are flexible and responsive to your clients' unique needs. We make it easy for them to be highly strategic in using contributions for maximum community impact. Our professional staff is available to assist you and your clients at any time.

Simplified and Consolidated Charitable Giving
The Foundation offers your clients the convenience of supporting multiple charities through a single gift. And our staff handles all the paperwork, from the transfer of assets and Gift Fund maintenance to tax reporting and record keeping. Your clients receive confirmation of all transactions, including contributions to their Gift Funds and grants to charities.

It's Easy for Your Clients to Make A Grant
All they need to do is follow these steps.

Grantmaking Services and Expertise
We are connected to thousands of local charities, so we can help make a difference by linking your clients to the causes they care about. Areas of giving are limitless and include everything from arts and education to environment and religion.

If the charities your clients want to recommend are not currently on our Approved List, we will research for them.

Choice of Recognition or Anonymity
Whether your clients wish to be recognized for their generosity or remain anonymous, the Foundation will honor their requests.

Online Access to Your Clients' Gift Funds
The Foundation offers a secure online site to those with qualified Gift Funds.

Your clients can:

  • Check Gift Fund activity including contributions, investment returns and grant distributions.
  • Make grant recommendations.

Cabinet of Professional Advisors:

Clint Crocker
Barry Evans Josephs & Snipes

Craig DeLucia
Ernst & Young LLP

Jennie Derby
Northwestern Mutual

Leila Evans
Solamere Advisors

Tim Flanagan
HF Financial

Jessica Hardin
Robinson Bradshaw & Hinson, P.A.

James C. Hardin III
James C. Hardin III, PLLC

Carl King
Culp Elliott & Carpenter, P.L.L.C.

Leah Maybry
Elliott Davis

Billy Morton
U.S. Trust-Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Andrew Nesbitt
Nesbitt Law

Robert Norris
Wishart Norris Henninger & Pittman

Karen Owensby
Wealth Management Associates, Inc.

Eric Ridenour
Colony Family Offices

Darrell Shealy
Johnson Allison & Hord

Jason Sykes
SunTrust Bank

Sandi Thorman
GreerWalker, LLP

Brad Van Hoy
Moore & Van Allen

Mitchell Wickman
Merrill Lynch