Mariah Clarke, a Children’s Scholarship Fund recipient, speaks at an event about the opportunities the scholarship has provided for her and her family. “It means I can learn in a fun, challenging environment,” she said.

Children's Scholarship Fund

Children’s Scholarship Fund-Charlotte (CSF-C) joined Foundation For The Carolinas in 2012 as a subsidiary foundation. CSF-C is dedicated to expanding educational options for children grades K-8 from low-income families. The organization awards tuition assistance to economically disadvantaged families for independent schools that best meet their children’s individual needs so that they may reach their highest potential and succeed.

CSF-C has worked closely with the Foundation for a number of years and was previously a scholarship fund client. The partnership between the two organizations allows for enhanced collaboration, strategic alignment and efficiencies. CSF-C operates from the Foundation’s headquarters facility at the Luski ♦ Gorelick Center Philanthropy.

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Ann Simmons Barnes

Children's Scholarship Fund
Board of Directors:

Cecil Stodghill, Chair
Pat Augustine
Baker Burleson
Hillary Crittendon
Meredith Dolhare
Linda Ibsen
Karen Knoble
Andrew Lindner
Marjorie Moses Schwab
Jonathan Vogel
John Spencer Whitman
Danielle F. Williams
Earnest J. Winston

Trustees Emeriti
Charles S. Anderson
Weston Andress
Scott C. Bortz
Robert W. Bradshaw*
Stephen E. Cummings
Suzie Yun Dunbeck
Nancy R. Ehringhaus
Fletcher Gregory
Ned H. Hardison
Peter L. Keane
John F. Mangan, Jr.
Robert E. Mason III
Father Louis Oats
Laura Park
Bailey W. Patrick
Claudia Plepler
Cecilia A. Ramirez
Van Weatherspoon
Charlene Slaughter
Jackie Wells
Brian Wise