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Cherokee County Community Foundation

2009 Total Grants     $7,669

$669 to Spartanburg Community College to support Cherokee County nonprofit leaders to attend the Nonprofit Academy.

$5,000 to Spartanburg County for the Community Indicators Project, which aims to report on progress of key issues that are the clearest indicators of quality of life in the County of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

$2,000 to Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Foundation to implement a state-of-the-art mobile mammography program for services in Cherokee County. 

Critical Need Response Fund Grants     $25,424

Grants below were awarded through the Critical Need Response Fund, a short-term effort to feed, clothe, shelter and keep warm residents in dire circumstances through the winter months of the economic crisis. This effort concluded in April 2009. 

$7,962 to Iron City Ministries, Inc. for energy assistance. 

$12,462 to PEACHCenter Ministries, Inc. for energy and kerosene assistance.

$5,000 to The Salvation Army to provide food.

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