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Turner Family Foundation

2009 Total Grants   $192,500

Established to carry out the broad charitable purposes of the Turner family,
which focus on the environment, animal welfare and building an awareness of Lewy Body disease.

$ 10,000 to Animal Adoption League to provide foster and adoption services for homeless animals in York County, South Carolina.

$ 62,500 to Carolinas Healthcare Foundation to create a named endowment position in Social Health Advocacy.

$ 10,000 to Catawba Lands Conservancy to provide general operating support in protecting land, water and wildlife habitats to enhance the quality of life in North Carolina’s Southern Piedmont and Lower Catawba River Basin.

$ 10,000 to Catawba Riverkeeper to protect the Catawba River from contamination from coal ash ponds and to support a public awareness campaign and advocacy regarding better regulations of coal ash.

$ 2,500 to Horse Protection Society to provide general operating support.

$ 10,000 to Humane Society of Charlotte for the York County, South Carolina Support and Outreach program.

$ 10,000 to Humane Society of York County to offset the cost of providing approximately 200 low-cost spay/neuter surgeries.

$ 10,000 to Katawba Valley Land Trust to expand the Environmental Education and Outreach program.

$ 20,000 to Lewy Body Dementia Association to increase awareness through education outreach targeting general practitioners and other non-specialists and to provide information needed to identify the early stages of Lewy body disease.

$ 10,000 to Operation CARE to assist families in financial hardship by providing free spay/neuter and rabies vaccination vouchers for approximately 500 pets in York County, South Carolina.

$ 10,000 to Recycled Pets to support the Vet-a-Pet program.

$ 25,000 to Richardson Rescue to assist families in financial hardship in York and surrounding counties by supporting Operation Fix.

$ 2,500 to South Carolina Awareness and Rescue for Equines (SCARE) to provide general operating support.

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