Piedmont Natural Gas Grants Support Environment


A grant from the Piedmont Natural Gas Foundation will support 
The Conservation Fund's efforts in North Carolina and Tennessee. Piedmont Natural Gas is a client of the Center for Corpotrate Philanthropy at Foundation For The Carolinas.

Piedmont Natural Gas Foundation, a corporate foundation supported by Foundation For The Carolinas, awarded its first annual Environmental Stewardship and Energy Sustainability grant to The Conservation Fund, under a new corporate philanthropy program designed by Foundation For The Carolinas. The grant supports the Conservation Fund’s projects for natural resource-based economic development throughout North Carolina and greenway access and stream bank restoration in middle Tennessee.

Established in 2004 through $7 million in funding from Piedmont Natural Gas, the Piedmont Natural Gas Foundation supports many causes, such as health and human services, education, and workforce development efforts. But recently, the corporation recognized that its broad giving program could benefit from a more focused grant-making strategy.

Staff members from Foundation For The Carolinas offered experience and expertise not available to the company in-house, says George Baldwin, Piedmont Natural Gas Foundation President. Foundation For The Carolinas conducted a customized and detailed giving assessment and crafted a more focused and disciplined giving program. The reshaped program better reflects the company’s steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship and energy sustainability, while continuing to support its local communities through community enrichment initiatives centered on K-12 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education, workforce development and health and human services, including Share the Warmth.

The new program is designed to increase the impact of the company’s giving, and to more closely align giving with the company’s business goals. Baldwin notes that, “Without Foundation For The Carolinas as a partner, we would fall short of that goal.”

The Foundation’s Center for Corporate Philanthropy worked with the Piedmont Natural Gas (PNG) Foundation to reshape its giving program from an “ultra-inclusive” approach to a more focused strategy that maximizes philanthropic impact. “Foundation For The Carolinas encouraged us to invest in solutions, rather than just give out dollars,” says PNG Foundation President George Baldwin.