Teacher's Planned Gift Saves Children's Programs


Former elementary school teacher Ann Dunlap Hendrix created a lasting legacy by establishing a charitable gift fund at Foundation For The Carolinas.

Ann Hendrix was once described as a “whiz bang” of a teacher. That colorful adjective also applies to the impact her estate gift is having, and will continue to have, in the arena that was her primary passion: teaching disadvantaged children to read. A summer reading program serving homeless children received critical support from the Ann Dunlap Hendrix Charitable Fund at Foundation For The Carolinas, and serves as a living testament to her “whiz bang” spirit.

Mrs. Hendrix was an elementary school teacher until the classroom staple Weekly Reader lured her away with the opportunity to have a broader impact by traveling across the country to improve reading instruction. She recognized a second opportunity to reach a wider group of children, this time through planned giving, when she learned of the Foundation’s Center for Personal and Family Philanthropy through a neighbor in Charlotte who also had a fund with the Foundation.

The Ann Dunlap Hendrix Charitable Fund at Foundation For The Carolinas was established in 2008, with instructions that it be used to provide service and support for homeless, disadvantaged and abused children; and for research and treatment of diabetes. And this summer, the fund supported a much-needed and successful summer reading program at A Child’s Place, a nonprofit serving homeless children.

Mrs. Hendrix’s former neighbor, who is now the fund’s donor advisor, says, “Ann was tickled pink with the idea that her money was going to be around to help disadvantaged kids learn.” Through this endowed fund, which will endure as her permanent philanthropic legacy, Mrs. Hendrix found a way to ensure that disadvantaged children in our community will continue to benefit in perpetuity.

A Child’s Place, a local nonprofit serving homeless children, faced a difficult choice: dramatically scaling back a successful reading program, or dipping into reserve funds. Because the Foundation maintains close relationships with community service organizations, Foundation staff created a solution by matching the organization’s needs with the philanthropic goals of Ann Hendrix.