Endowed Gift Funds

Endowed gift funds are structured so your donation grows over time and works forever. Your gift principal is preserved and you use the spendable income to make grant recommendations.

A wide array of options for endowed gift funds includes donor advised, designated, field of interest, scholarship and unrestricted funds.

A listing of endowed funds managed by Foundation For The Carolinas follows on the pages linked at the bottom of this page. Click here to download a full printable list of endowed funds.

In addition to the funds listed on these pages, Foundation For The Carolinas holds funds for many donors who choose not to be published in this report. We gratefully acknowledge their generosity.

Use the following links to view funds listed within each alphabetic range:

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New gift funds established in 2008 are shown in red, and funds are identified by Center as shown below:

 Fund is part of the Foundation’s Center for Personal and Family Philanthropy

 Fund is part of the Foundation’s Center for Corporate Philanthropy

 Fund is part of the Foundation’s Center for Nonprofits

Printable List

Click here to download a printable list of all endowed gift funds.