Center for Corporate Philanthropy

Value, Select and Comprehensive Service Levels

Center for Corporate Philanthropy Clients

Bank of America
Bragg Financial Advisors Inc.
Carolina Panthers
Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
Crosland Group
Sterling Capital Management

Administrative Fees

 First $100,000
 Next $400,000
 Next $500,000
 Next $2 million
 Next $2 million
 Over $5 million


Opening minimum: $25,000

Minimum annual fee: $250

The Foundation offers several distinct service levels based on average annual gift fund balance. With any Foundation corporate gift fund, businesses can:

  • Name the gift fund to distinguish your business or identify 
        charitable goals
  • Provide current or permanent support of favorite charities
  • Access the gift fund online to review fund balance, make grant
        requests and review critical community needs
  • Receive prompt gift acknowledgement and grant processing
  • Obtain timely grant research and due diligence
  • Choose recognition or anonymity
  • Obtain spendable income calculations and distributions
        (for endowed gift funds)

    Value Plus Benefits $25,000+

  • Choose from investment options, including the opportunity to earn
        premium money market rates on gift fund balance
  • Recommend unlimited grant distributions of $250 or more
  • Receive quarterly financial statements
  • Recommend multiple advisors to your gift fund

    Select Benefits $100,000+

  • Receive personalized service from the Foundation’s client
        services team
  • Choose from expanded investment options
  • Learn about philanthropy via informative seminars and workshops
  • Participate in group site visits to local and regional charities
  • Attend special networking events with other Foundation supporters

    Comprehensive Benefits $500,000+

  • Work with a dedicated Foundation client service representative
  • Choose from a wide array of investment options
  • Receive annual gift planning and/or gift fund management consultation
  • Recommend your company’s financial advisor to invest gift fund ($1 million fund minimum)
  • Customize grant programs
  • Take advantage of specialized research on topics of interest
  • Make targeted site visits to local and regional charities
  • Receive a comprehensive review of your giving and grant strategies

    Custom products and services
    are available with a $2 million fund minimum. Click here for details on the Center for Corporate Philanthropy custom services.

    Options for Giving


    Endowed Gift Funds: permanent asset of the Foundation, principal is preserved, invested for long term; 5% annual payout


    Quasi-endowed Gift Funds: invested for long term, with entire balance available for distribution; 5% annual payout


    Non-endowed Gift Funds: entire balance available for distribution, invested for the short term to provide liquidity

    E Q NDonor Advised Funds – Remain involved in recommending uses for the fund at times most convenient for you.
    E Q NDesignated Funds – Support the good work of virtually any nonprofit organization.
    E Q NField of Interest Funds – Target your gift to address needs in an important area of community life.
    E QScholarship Funds – Invest in your community’s future and show students you care.
    EUnrestricted Funds – Address a broad range of local needs for years to come.

    Supporting Foundations – An excellent alternative to a private foundation—with only a fraction of the administrative responsibilities.

    Corporate Foundation Services – Take advantage of our investment, accounting, grantmaking and administrative services.

    Click here to download the Center for Corporate Philanthropy information sheet for our value, select and comprehensive services.