Center for Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy has helped our corner of the Carolinas become a vibrant, growing region. To help businesses maximize the rewarding experience of philanthropy, the Foundation offers comprehensive and flexible support services through our Center for Corporate Philanthropy. Philanthropic experts at the Center work with businesses to shape giving programs to generate the greatest possible impact.

As your community foundation for this region, we share your commitment to innovation and the responsible stewardship of resources. We are here to help businesses meet charitable goals by providing administrative and financial services, and education on critical community issues. Whether a business prefers to support a variety of charities or chooses to run a competitive grants program, our professional team can work with the organization to advance its philanthropic mission. The Center for Corporate Philanthropy provides a cost-effective and tax-efficient way to outsource corporate grantmaking and improve philanthropic efficiency. We help businesses fully experience the power of charitable giving.

Distinct service levels are available based on average annual gift fund balance. Corporate donors opening funds between $25,000 and $1.9 million will benefit from the Center’s value, select and comprehensive service levels. Donors opening funds starting at $2 million will benefit from the custom service level.

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