About Us

The Foundation For Richmond County was established in 1993 to increase the charitable giving resources in Richmond County. From its first contribution of $1,000 from the United Carolina Bank to create a community endowment, the Foundation For Richmond County has grown into a philanthropic organization managing 18 funds with total charitable assets of $1.6 million by the end of 2013. The Foundation for Richmond County is an affiliate of Foundation For The Carolinas. 

The Foundation strives to educate the people of Richmond County about the functionality of a community foundation and how the organization benefits the entire county through the charitable actions of donors and volunteers. The activities of the Foundation For Richmond County include building a general endowment (the earnings of which provide program grants for nonprofits within the county), building an operating fund, helping nonprofit organizations build endowments and assisting individual donors in establishing their own charitable giving programs. 

The Foundation For Richmond County currently advises a community endowment managed by Foundation For The Carolinas. This fund provides annual grantmaking dollars to support community needs as determined by the board. As a permanently endowed fund, the intent is to maintain and grow the principal balance and produce grantmaking dollars in perpetuity. Most recently the board has been focused on providing capacity-building seminars to local nonprofit organizations.


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David Julian
Vice President
Philanthropic Advancement