In 2008, Foundation For The Carolinas conducted a community scan to identify existing and emerging issues in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. The scan investigated national and local trends, including a focus on four issues related to housing. Using research from the scan and findings from meetings with community leaders, the Foundation concluded that Charlotte's housing crisis will be examined as a potential civic leadership focus. 

Initial Community Dialogue and Convening

Foundation For The Carolinas held a Community Housing Summit in January 2009. More than 125 representatives reflecting the public, nonprofit, civic, corporate and funding sectors attended the summit for an initial conversation on housing. The goal of the meeting was to discuss ways in which the community might build upon the housing work already underway in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

The summit offered an overview of the state of housing and homelessness in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. Attendees were tasked with examining the possibility of partnership and collaboration among diverse sectors to approach housing and homelessness challenges. In addition, attendees identified potential barriers and impediments, discussed possible short- and long-term objectives and outlined potential roles for the Foundation and others. Notes from group discussions and the summary presentation provide feedback by meeting attendees.

In addition to convening many members of the housing community, Foundation For The Carolinas collected local studies and reports, yielding more than 60 documents focused on efforts in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region. These background materials were distributed to meeting attendees electronically and are posted in a virtual library accessible in the navigation panel on the right.

Looking Ahead

The convening of the Community Housing Summit resulted in dialogue among individuals who represent diverse constituents and a variety of approaches to housing and homelessness.

In the coming months, Foundation For The Carolinas will continue to explore the housing issue by studying comments from the summit, examining local studies and seeking the counsel of its board of directors. The Foundation intends to proceed in a timely and responsive manner to determine whether or not to pursue a collaborative housing initiative.

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