Front Porch Grants

Overview, Process and Timeline

The Front Porch Grants program fosters building social capital between individuals, communities, neighborhoods and organizations. The goal of the Front Porch Grants program is to increase trust, build bridges across differences and expand social connections and informal networks by building relationships. The Front Porch Grants program is named to honor the power of a simple gathering place where people can meet and begin to build relationships. Front Porch Grants help neighborhood associations, social clubs, school groups and other civic organizations act to create the type of community they want to see in the future.

Grants awarded are typically $2,500 that may be used to support the creation of small-scale efforts that build relationships. However, larger requests will be considered for exceptional proposals.

Eligibility, Priorities & Other Considerations
The Front Porch grant cycle is a competitive cycle, and not all grant requests will be funded. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Community Foundation wishes to fund projects that will increase trust, build bridges across differences and expand social connections and informal networks by building relationships.

Grants must be awarded to eligible organizations including 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, congregations, governmental and educational institutions for projects that will serve the residents of Mecklenburg County and meet the funding priorities of the Front Porch Grants program. If the organization conducting the project is not an eligible organization, a grant can be applied for under the fiscal sponsorship of an eligible organization. Click here to search the Foundation's grantee organization database.

If your organization is approved, please provide the following:

  • Board of directors list
  • Current and previous year annual operating budget If your organization is not yet approved, please provide the following: Board of directors list Current and previous year annual operating budget
  • 990 Core and Schedule A
  • Demonstration of eligibility, one of the following:
    • 501(c)(3) organizations: Attach a copy of your organization’s official notice of tax exempt status from the IRS.
    • Local unit of national organization: Certification of membership or group exemption letter (Note: national or parent organization must be an FFTC approved organization)
    • Religious organizations: Staff/Board list, recent bulletin, proof of affiliation with larger chapter/organization
    • Public Schools: Staff list of school and name of participating school district
    • Government organizations: Proof of governmental affiliation (written verification from state or local municipality of department/agency affiliation)

If your organization is not an eligible organization and will be using a fiscal sponsor, obtain the Fiscal Sponsor Agreement form from the grant program web page. The fiscal sponsor must follow the appropriate attachment requirements listed above for their current eligibility status with the Foundation.


  • Projects that demonstrate a strong potential to build relationships across differences.
  • Community-based efforts and projects by small organizations.
  • Organizations that have not previously received a Front Porch Grant.
  • Partnerships between organizations building relationships between different populations

Projects Not Eligible for Funding and Exceptions

  • Events such as forums, performances, etc. that are designed primarily for an audience to view a performance and/or hear a lecture.
    • Exception: Events might be considered for funding that have a primary goal of building relationships and increasing trust among the participants as they prepare for the event (i.e., Performers or forum participants interact with each other a sufficient number of times to build a relationship and learn from one another, or members from different groups connect with one another as they prepare for a performance. Performing for an audience is not the primary desired outcome for a Front Porch project.)
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Fundraisers

Grant Program Timeline and Online Application Access

The grant cycle will be conducted through a newly enhanced online application process. Two informational webinars will be offered to provide a detailed overview of the new system and process. Webinars will be conducted on the following dates, and participants must register in advance. Space is limited and early registration is encouraged.

To register and begin the online grant application process, grant seekers should visit Completed applications must be submitted on Friday, October 10, 2014 by noon.

For more information about the grants process, contact Eli Kahn, Community Programs & Civic Leadership Associate, at or 704.973.4542.

Additional Notes
The Charlotte Mecklenburg Community Foundation has limited discretionary funds; therefore, many exemplary proposals cannot be funded. Because of the volume of requests, we do not provide written feedback on proposals that are not funded.

To conduct a fair and ethical grants program, a conflict of interest policy is followed and requires that volunteers and/or staff not participate in the grant process for an organization with which they are affiliated. Please do not lobby board or grant committee members on behalf of your organization. If an individual or organization wishes to express support for your project’s application, please have them contact Brian Collier, Senior Vice President, at or 704.973.4556.

Grant Webinar Registration

Two webinars will be offered for an overview of our new grant application system. Registration is required; please choose from the following dates:

Sept 10, 2-3:00 p.m.
Click here to register

Sept 23, 10-11:00 a.m.
Click here to register

To obtain more information about the Charlotte Mecklenburg County Community Foundation, contact:

Brian Collier
Executive Vice President